Xavierville Phase 2

Xavierville Phase 2

I currently stay in a place owned by Atty. Horace Pascual.  I stay in the house’s attic 🙂  I’m pleased to say that this was the birthplace of the Forum of OpusDeiToday (at least as far as Manila is concerned) 🙂 I still remember the date: November 9, 2009, 3 days after I successfully defended my Dissertation (sigh!)  It was 9:00 in the evening (the 2 other birthplaces were Madrid and Cebu City) and we were so excited about the forum’s birth… and the rest is history… 🙂 Thanks to Atty. Pascual: I have a nice place to stay!


One of the things I quickly decided to do in this new residential area (Xavierville Phase 2, Barangay Loyola Heights, Quezon City) was to attend the Kapihan (coffee mornings) sessions every 1st Saturday, 8am.  Little did I know that I was gonna get involved in plenty of (fun!) activities, like the Halloween last Oct. 2009 🙂

The other duty I was tasked to carry out was to edit the village’s Newsletter “Xavier Views”, released to the homeowners as of yesterday (22 June 2010, Feast of St Thomas More).  Here’s the front page:

*If you’re a Xavierville Phase 2 resident, and you haven’t received your copy of Xavier Views, June 2010 issue, please pick up your copy at XHA II office (Rosa Alvero Guard Post), c/o Neriza or Vivian.