UNIV and Mass Media

Christianizing the Mass Media  //  Cristianizar los medios de comunicación social

In the listing of UNIV 2010 suggested research themes (http://univforum.org), we find the following, in relation to Communication:

–¿Reglas en el periodismo?, ¿o vale todo con tal de informar?

–Obedecer vs educar los imperativos de la audiencia.

–El respeto de la intimidad y su defensa, ¿es posible desde una ética agnóstica?

I challenge UNIV paper advisers and writers to research on these issues:

— Journalism Guidelines: Mere Information?

— Obeying vs. Educating Audiences: Certain Imperatives and Proposals.

— Defending and Respecting Intimacy: Role of a Christian Perspective


For Christians everywhere, it is a great challenge to transform the mass media in a way that would consist in “spreading goodness, light, enthusiasm, generosity, a spirit of sacrifice, constancy in work, deep study, complete self-surrender, being up-to-date, cheerful and complete obedience to the Church, and perfect charity” (http://www.escrivaworks.org/book/furrow-chapter-30.htm).

Para los cristianos, se nos hace un gran desafío transformar los medios de comunicación social tal que ayudemos a “difundir bondad, luz, entusiasmo, generosidad, espíritu de sacrificio, constancia en el trabajo, profundidad en el estudio, amplitud en la entrega, estar al día, obediencia absoluta y alegre a la Iglesia, caridad perfecta” (http://www.escrivaobras.org/book/surco-indice-30.htm).

This is the apostolate of public opinion that St Josemaría Escrivá had always spoken about, a work that he had entrusted to St. Catherine of Siena, a great lover of the Church and defender of the Roman Pontiff (http://www.opusdei.ie/art.php?p=33119).


ADDITIONAL PAPER TOPICS  //  Otras cuestiones de estudio:

1) Journalism Codes of Ethics: General Principles and Evaluation of Codes in Country X

(Códigos de ética periodísticos: Principios básicos y una evaluación en país X)

2) Christian Influence in the Mass Media: History, Challenges and Opportunities

(El influjo cristiano en los medios de comunicación social: Historia, retos, y oportunidades)

3) “Be on guard against the propagators of scandal and innuendo” [Furrow 932]: Recommendations for Consumers of Public Opinion

(“Guárdate de los propagadores de calumnias e insinuaciones” [Surco 932]: Propuestas para los consumidores de la opinión pública)

4) In Defense of Life and of Family: Analyses and Strategies

(Programas pro-vida y pro-familia: Análisis y Estrategias)

5) Virulence of Pornography: Human Dignity-based Discussion

(La virulencia de la pornografía: Debate a base de la dignidad humana)


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A specially interesting website ―my personal favorite― for well-researched and profoundly-analyzed news and forums is MERCATORNET (http://www.mercatornet.com/), “a voice for human dignity”.

[“I like mercatornet because it features info from around the world that I couldn’t easily get elsewhere. it is an intellectually sophisticated pro-family publication”, says Jennifer Roback Morse, on the MercatorNet group in Facebook.]

“This is what MercatorNet stands for: reframing ethical and policy debates in terms of human dignity, not dollars and cents or political calculation. We place the person at the centre of media debates about popular culture, the family, sexuality, bioethics, religion and law.  MercatorNet isn’t liberal. It isn’t conservative. We don’t want to be trapped on one or the other side of the culture wars. If you want a label, try “dignitarian“.

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“We focus on: Family issues, bioethics, religion, philosophy and entertainment.”

MercatorNet se basa, sobre todo, en la dignidad humana, en todos sus foros y análisis.  En la discusión sobre la familia, la cultura popular, sexualidad, bioética, religión, y derecho, no se sitúa ni en la izquierda ni en la derecha, sino en la dignidad misma de la persona humana.

To further focus on and highlight important issues related to these themes, MercatorNet has incorporated special blogs into the site, as follows:

FAMILY EDGEhttp://www.mercatornet.com/family_edge/

DEMOGRAPHY is Destiny: http://www.mercatornet.com/demography/

BIOETHICS: http://www.bioedge.org/

American Politics: http://www.mercatornet.com/sheila_liaugminas/


The MercatorNet Backgrounders are crisp and incisive commentaries written by experts on a range of hot-button issues in the news.

These will eventually include moral relativism, libertarianism, democracy, cloning, IVF, family life and TV and the internet, international debt relief, responsible parenthood, politicians and conscience, end-of-life issues, tolerance and fatherhood.

Educators will find the resource centre an invaluable resource for all kinds of students.

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There’s a “MercatorNet” group in Facebook.  Hope you’d join…


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