Religion and the Internet

Religion in the age of the Internet: history, opportunities, and challenges

Antonio Mencía, “La religión en tiempos de las redes sociales: historia, oportunidad y retos


• With the proliferation of social networking sites, among other innovations, on the Internet, those who want to spread the faith have at their disposal a very potent means for doing so, given that the Internet of today is more and more a participation space.

• What characteristics do social networking sites have?

• What opportunities do they provide and what concrete challenges do they present?

• What results and problems are there for those who are learning to use them for evangelization?

• As in anything, we have to be aware of both positive and negative points of the Internet.  Along with the issues of privacy and ethics, implications for education, sense of responsibility and use of time are drawn up.  Above all, there are the infinitely rich possibilities for the Catholic faithful in general, as well as for various groups like Priests and the religious in particular.


— Social Networking Sites: Anthropological Foundations and Effects

— Social Networking Sites: A SWOT [Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, Threats] Analysis for the Christian.

— Social Networking Sites: A Historical, Descriptive, and Ethical Study

— Evangelization and the Internet: How the Church [specific Church groups] has/have been taking advantage of advanced means.

— The Year for Priests: Opportunities through the Internet and Social Networking Sites

— Technological Strategies for the World Youth Days.

— Fund-raising for Worthy Causes through the Internet and Social Networking Sites

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“Religion in the Age of the Internet”

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