Relief Operations

Relief Operations – Ondoy – Ateneo de Manila

Acabo de volver desde el campus universitario de Ateneo de Manila para las operaciones asistenciales por las víctimas del tifón ‘Ondoy’, muchos de quienes aún siguen sin comida y están alojados en sitios temporales… [I’ve just gotten back from the Ateneo, to help out in the relief operations…in favor of those typhoon Ondoy victims who remain without proper shelter and without food, and are housed in temporary shelters…]


Montones de bolsas de varios items, para llevar a esos compatriotas…

Es algo curioso que una persona ROJA se mude al mundo AZUL 😉 [it’s such an odd thing to find a MAROON prof in the BLUE world. 😉 ]  Santa Misa primero: para pedirle ayuda al Señor, pedir por los compatriotas que han sufrido por esta calamidad natural… [Pause for Holy Mass, so we could ask God for help, and continue praying for these our fellow men who have suffered so much from this natural disaster…]


Utilizaban la cancha de baloncesto; vinieron miles de voluntarios 🙂 Estaba todo bien ORGANIZADO, utilizando la ESTRATEGIA de las líneas de montaje: cada vez que venían suministros de comestibles y de prendas usadas, 20 o 30 voluntarios formaban ‘líneas de montaje’ para pasar los bienes a la sección para sortear los items, para que los empaquetaran en bolsas de plástico (galletas, pan, agua, etc)… [We were at the covered court, which was quite huge to accommodate the thousands of volunteers 🙂 When supplies trucks would come, ‘assembly lines’ would form to pass the goods to the sorting area. Then they’d be packed into goodie packs (biscuits, bread, canned item, drink, water, etc)… ]



AFP (Armed Forces of the Philippines) Truck

Y cuando vinieron los camiones ―Cruz Roja, Gawad Kalinga, Fuerzas Armadas―, se formaban líneas de nuevo, para así cargar a los vehículos esos paquetes… Después de unas horas, nuestros brazos habrían estado bien EJERCIDOS 😉 Gracias también a los proveedores de la comida para los voluntarios, que van a estar allí hasta medianoche… [Then when vehicles came and were ready to leave (GK, Red Cross, AFP) then assembly lines would form again to load them onto the vehicles. Free food also for the volunteers 😉 They’re gonna stay there till 12MN… By now, our arms are just so WELL EXERCISED:-) ]


ISSUES:  (1) Food should be ready-to-eat (e.g., bread, vs. uncooked rice; canned goods that are easy to open e.g. via tabs, etc.) (2) Sturdy plastic bags: some were tearing during handling (passing on at the assembly lines); cloth bags, better. (3) Radio on all the time, so that we know what the needs are at the emergency sites… (4) Make sure the goods reach the RIGHT people (in real DIRE need) in time – a real COORDINATION challenge… (5) Hard Boiled Eggs: When I saw these being served to the Volunteers, I thought it’d make a perfect relief food for the victims: nutritious, easy to eat, can last 2 days or so (before consumption)…



BAC-OndoyYou may bring relief goods to:

BAC (B.A.Council) Office,

College of Business Administration, UP Diliman.

ALSO to the Office of the Vice Chancellor for Community Affairs (OVCCA)

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Images of the Ateneo Operations on 27 September:

MORE Volunteers Needed!

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For US$ donations, you may send them online to

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You may also join “Project Ondoy” group in FB.

(“Cat Gots”, of ADMU, is creator/administrator : +639176306154)



Here’s a compilation of donation and volunteer sites:

Let’s all help in whatever way we can. 🙂

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Typhoon Ondoy Relief Goods Donation Centers:,121.091309&spn=0.659984,1.056747

(Learn to use GoogleMaps to indicate where you want people to bring goods.)


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