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The Butterfly Circus, Nick Vujicic, Hope and Film

The Butterfly Circus is a touching tale of a circus that travels across America during the Great Depression. It stars Nick Vujicic as Will—dubbed “the Limbless Man” by the cruel showman at a fairground sideshow; it is only when he joins the Butterfly Circus that he realizes his true potential.

The Butterfly Circus, directed by Joshua Weigel, recently won the $100,000 grand prize at the Doorpost Film Project. Weigel’s film was among 100 finalists, each of which was centered around the theme of hope. With its superb acting and directing—not to mention its outstanding production value and array of Depression-era props and set pieces—it is no surprise that The Butterfly Circus took the top prize.

(For full article, read here: http://www.moviemaker.com/festivals/article/the_butterfly_circus_doorpost_film_project_20090928/)

ButterflyCircusCrew[Photo courtesy of ‘The Butterfly Circus’ group on Facebook.]

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Watch the movie-short ‘Butterfly Circus’ here:

Part I:


Part II:


¡Bravo, Eduardo Verástegui!

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Nick Vujicic:

Su vida //  His life

Nick Vujicic


Nick Vujicic has already inspired millions of people with his accomplishments, and now he’s added acting to his resume.

Born with no arms or legs, Nick started the ministry Life Without Limbs (http://lifewithoutlimbs.org/). Inspired by Nick, filmmaker Joshua Weigel made a touching 20-minute drama about a circus sideshow act. Nick is the star. And by the end of the movie, he is also the hero.

Last month, the film won the grand prize at the Doorpost Film Project (a short film festival) in Florida. [Last Oct. 24th, it was going to be] shown at A Night of Film. The free event is being held at Coast Hills Community Church in Aliso Viejo.

Night of Film (http://anightoffilm.com/) was conceived as a way to give Christian filmmakers an audience, and Christian audiences an option.

“There is an audience that is going ‘Man, I wish there were something better out there, without cussing, without sex, without violence, the things that are generally resorted to,” said founder Charlie Matz. “Let’s get these two groups together: An audience that is praying for something better in cinema or television and filmmakers who are providing incredibly crafted stories that resonate with the human condition.”

Matz started a Night of Film in 2007. Last year 800 people attended. This year they are hoping for a full house. Coast Hills seats 1,300.

“This event is so much about really applauding the unsung heroes of filmmaking, and not just Christian filmmakers, but the people who make short films.”


Sin brazos ni piernas vive con un optimismo desbordante intentando contagiarlo que muchos que por casi nada se deprimen (video duración 9′ 19″)

Born without limbs (arms or legs), he exudes enormous amounts of optimism and hope.  He hopes to contaminate others with these, those others who, for just a little thing or for nothing, get depressed… (Video here: duration: 9’ 19’’)



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Eduardo Verástegui visits the imprisoned at Gatesville, Texas, along with Jason Jones, producer of “Bella, the movie” and founder of HERO (Human rights, Education and Relief Organization), for a work that they’re doing “Jose’s Second Chance”:


Says Verástegui: “Playing Jose’s role has made me realize that I, too, can change my manner of living…I have consecrated my career to playing the roles of heroes —not Batman or Superman— but real heroes… Men that are hardworking, men of faith, men who are faithful to their wives… The next scene in our lives has not yet been written; we CAN write out its script through the decisions we make…”

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