ROC UP Diliman

ROC Restaurant of Choice

A smart casual resto in the heart of UP Diliman
Monday – Sunday

WiFi Ready
ROC now accepts Visa/Mastercard
Piano Bar available for private parties
Now open for breakfast on summer weekends


So reads the Info Tab on its Facebook group 🙂

I just came from there for a lunch treat (sponsored by Jimmy) for our (new) Dean Dr. Ben Paul Gutierrez, along with colleagues 🙂

On coming to ROC today, I was telling my colleagues that one of the things I love about ROC is free WiFi (!), apart from good food, of course!

And because of the nice ambience and nice coffee-cum-sweets combination (and WiFi of course!), I’ve managed to finish writing plenty of my Research Papers (including some chapters of my Dissertation!) 🙂

Here, too, is where I bought a whole cake (yummy!) for a group in UP Diliman to whom I owed the successful completion of my dissertation defense 🙂

So, if you haven’t tried ROC, come along!