Pro-Life Youth Congress


Last October 24, 2009, the


(Youth Gathering for Life)

was held at the Parks & Wildlife Auditorium, Q.C.

Details are found here:

pro-life youth congress

♦ Opening Prayer – Tony Kosca, Chairman of Pro-Life Philippines, VP and COO of Meralco Foundation; and Head, Family and Life Ministry, Diocese of Pasig.

♦ Opening Remarks – Secretary Lito Atienza, President, Pro-Life Philippines; Secretary, Department of Environment and Natural Resources, etc.


♦ Ed Sorreta, Vice President, Pro-Life Philippines; ardent Pro-Life warrior & youth speaker.


♦ JC de los Reyes, Ang Kapatiran Party, Olongapo City Councilor; Presidential Aspirant – “POPULATION CONTROL and the DEATH BILLS”.

♦ Lance Katigbak*, 16-year-old Pro-Life advocate; CFC Youth for Christ; PAREF-Southridge student – Personal battles against those who are PRO-REPRODUCTIVE HEALTH on Facebook (Lance is the creator of the “I OPPOSE THE REPRODUCTIVE HEALTH BILL” group on Facebook).

♦ Jeremiah Belgica – Chairman and Founder, Kabataang Bagong Buhay (awardee of the 2008 Ten Most Accomplished Organizations in NCR); Radio Broadcaster – “SEX AND MEDIA and the effects on people, especially the youth”.


–  equipping the youth with the capabilities to go and speak up for life.

♦ Workshop 1: “RELATIONSHIPS AND PEER COUNSELING” by Francis and Debbie Rodrigo (young married couple with 5 boys; and, leaders of CFC FFL).

♦ Workshop 2: “ADVOCACY” by the Ang Kapatiran Party.

♦ “RELATIONSHIPS workshop” – a debate of Sex and Marriage; and ADVOCACY workshop.

♦ CLOSING: The youth committing to the COVENANT OF A PRO-LIFE YOUTH and a CONCERT.

♦ The whole event was endorsed by the CBCP Episcopal Commission on Youth.

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I reproduce here excerpts from *Lance Katigbak’s blog on this Pro-Life Youth Congress experience.  Full blog found here:

A few weeks ago, I received an invitation to a pro life Youth Congress in QC. I wasn’t too keen on going at first since I had long stop debating against the infidels about the RHB, but eventually decided to go. Long story short, after emailing a couple of people, I found myself with a role–that of a sharer. I had much trouble finding transpo (I’m a southerner), but again, long story short, I made it.

I was expecting something a bit more formal (e.g. air-conditioned auditorium, ID’s, conference kits), but I was not disappointed. The park was BEAUTIFUL. So many trees, nature in abundance, heck, there was even a lake!

The event started with some audience interaction, and then, Sec. Lito Atienza spoke a lot of words (it would be a misnomer to call it a ‘few words’.) He connected being pro-environment to being pro-life with an example I will always remember: The same people who go SAVE THE SHARKS! SAVE THE ELEPHANTS! SAVE THE EAGLES! are the same who go KILL THE BABY! Wait, what? Why do we save animals but not people? Think about it.

Session 1 was on Sexuality, and I really have to hand it to Tito Ed, who did a fantastic job. He said too many things to mention, and I fear that I may not do it justice if I do… Olongapo councilor JC De Los Reyes started off Session 2 with his sharing on how he proposed marriage to his wife 10 days after meeting her, among other things. Then, it was my turn.

I won’t share all over again here. If you weren’t there, sorry. I will, however, tell you what I talked about. I talked about the history of the Facebook group I created opposing the RHB and the troubles I faced, how I had faith in the youth, and how everyone should get to experience the beauty of life.

I got the celebrity treatment after. Well, it actually started a lot earlier. When I got there, I was immediately introduced to the daughter of Sec. Atienza. Then, before my sharing, I was introduced to Sr. Pilar, the founder of Pro-Life Philippines. And then, afterward, two college girls asked to interview me for a project called UNIV, which is basically a collaborative project done by college students all over the world. Then, I was asked to be a part of YouthPinoy (, and to write an article for their website (can this be the article? Haha!). Aileen (from YouthPinoy) also invited me to their event on Dec. 19, and got my number (but I haven’t heard from her yet. 3 day rule?) After that, I was asked to help give the Advocacy workshop. A lot of other people shook my hand and thanked me too. So this is how the celebrities must feel.

There were two workshops after, one on Relationships, and one on Advocacies. I wanted to listen to the one on relationships, but since I was asked to help out with the latter, I obliged, and talked about the importance of having an advocacy, and of fighting for it.

All in all, the day was really a great one. I learned plenty of new things (even if some were just anecdotes), and these are things that will help me fight for my advocacy–the pro-life cause.

If you’re not pro-life, you must be anti-life, because if you’re not for us, then you must be against us. And if you’re anti-life, then you’re immediately a hypocrite, because you’re alive. Stop being a hypocrite. Be pro-life.

Mother Teresa once said, “If you can’t feed a hundred people, then feed just one.” If you can’t spread the pro-life cause to a hundred people, then spread it to just one.

Congratulations to the organizers!

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I’d recommend that you join the “I Oppose the Reproductive Health Bill” group in Facebook 😉

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