Lorraine Villanueva

Tribute to Lorraine Villanueva

FIAT VOLUNTAS TUA! Thy Will be Done, O Lord!


Compleat and perfect Mother, Wife, Daughter, Teacher, Friend, Homemaker…


The last time I saw and heard Lorraine and I’m glad this is the final image I have of this wonderful and ultra-KIND lady was when we asked her to give us a talk at Daniw Study Center (http://www.daniw.org/) late last year, so she could tell us how we women could be great homemakers…and that’s when I realized that to be a good homemaker also meant to be a compleat woman, which was what Lorraine was.  Her talk was supposed to have kicked off a Home Management series at the Center… T.T

I now go to her intercession so that this series would come to fruition… Meanwhile, I’d like to recall here the contents of that very moving Talk…

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Being a Talk on ‘Home Management’ or ‘How to be Good Homemakers’, I thought she was gonna give us stuff and tips from her work and experience as the Head of ENDERUN (http://www.enderuncolleges.com/) but she spoke rather about the qualities of a woman those feminine qualities which were necessary to becoming a good homemaker…and which, as the Talk unfolded, I realized this ultra-kind lady possessed.

Good Mother – The compleat mother in her was oozing out as she talked about how she has always strived to run her home.  Among the many things and stories she brought out were the notes and letters her children had written her throughout the years, in which they expressed to her their gratitude for her having been a great wife to their Dad, friend, guide, confidante, home manager, teacher…  She didn’t want us to let her children know that she shared these with us, but now that she’s in God’s bosom, well, Dino, now you know: I can only confirm and affirm with you that she was a really perfect Mom…and I can deeply feel how sorely missed she shall be in the household.

Good Wife – I guess Mr. Villanueva could add to this attestation, but she explained that to be a good homemaker included, necessarily, being a good better-half: looking after the bodies and souls of the persons whom God has placed beside her, firstly the husband…and of course the family of the husband.  As Lorraine spoke, one could easily glean that she was a great daughter-in-law, someone that the in-laws would always look forward to meeting and talking to, coz she exemplified what it meant to be a good householder as well as family member…

N.B. I’d like to say it here that one of the proofs that Lorraine had always tried to be a good family woman was that I bumped into her and her husband in that International Family Conference held at the PICC in August of 2002: it seemed odd that a perfect couple would need to attend a seminar like that, but it was obvious that they continually sought out ways in which to learn some more how to be better parents and couple.  Congratulations, Mr. Villanueva!

Good worker – One of the striking things about Lorraine was how she managed to combine, in extraordinary fashion, the demands of the home and the exigencies of professional competence that her work at U.P. and at Enderun called for.  I remember her explaining to us how she was trying to build up the competencies at the Hospitality Management Program through, among others, her efforts at getting a Chef to bring in his expertise so as to raise the quality of the Colleges.

And on the basis of the many remarks/tributes I’ve seen in the last few hours, I can see that she must’ve been a well-loved administrator. A UPCHE grad that I texted just now had only one word about Lorraine: she was such a KIND person!

N.B. Lorraine was, to me, a co-worker (we were College Secretaries at some point of our respective Colleges in U.P.), a classmate (she enrolled with us in “Organization Theory” or “O.T.” in B.A., a PhD-level course which she chose as cognate, to complete her PhD), and a friend (I must say I didn’t deserve to have such a kind friend…).  I surmise she put in a lot of effort into doing and finishing her PhD*.  I am told that she was also a product of our UPMBA, remembered also as that PRETTY WOMAN!  As our classmate in O.T., she generously shared with us how the organizational theories applied directly to Home Economics: to the management of households, restaurants and similar institutions.

♥  ♥  ♥

Dino & family: My heart goes out to you… Will be offering prayers and Masses for Mommy…

Lorraine: We love you! We’re gonna miss you!

*Dr. Villanueva: From up there, pls help me with my PhD;

help me to finish my Dissertation SOON and well…

♥  ♥  ♥



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From Arsenal Acenas, on the wall of “In Loving Memory of Dr. Lorraine F. Villanueva” in FB:

“Mula sa lupain ng bagong buwan, isang pagpupugay sa isang natatangi at mabuting guro. Ikaw po ay isang inspirasyon sa aming mga naging estudyante mo. Isang ina sa kanyang panunungkulan sa departamento ng HRIM. Salamat sa inspirasyon at suporta!”

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