Leonardo Polo Institute International Conference ‘Spirits in Time’, 29 Sept 2014, Madrid campus of IESE

Leonardo Polo Institute – International Conference ‘Spirits in Time’, 29 Sept 2014, Madrid campus of IESE



The Leonardo Polo Institute of Philosophy with the collaboration of the Chair of Business Ethics of the IESE Business School (Madrid, Spain) and the Markets, Culture and Ethics Research Centre of the Pontifical University of the Holy Cross (Rome, Italy) presents the International Conference Spirits in Time: Person, Action, and Culture in Leonardo Polo’s Ethics.

Spirits in Time will take place in English, and seeks to gather English speaking scholars from throughout the world to explore the implications of Polo’s anthropology and ethics in the varied fields of human action, culture, and history.

The Conference is mainly directed towards young academics, and aims at being an occasion for them to encounter and deepen their understanding of Leonardo Polo’s thought, especially aspects of his philosophy that concern his ethics and philosophical anthropology. The main focus is to show how Polo’s philosophy provides an important philosophical framework for understanding how the different dimensions of human action and the various disciplines that are studied at the university (architecture, engineering, medicine, law, political theory, business, biology, psychology, education, leadership, ecology, etc.) are related with each other and with culture, history, and society.

The Conference centers on notions developed by Polo in works that focus on ethics and philosophical anthropology. Among these are his books ÉticaAyudar a crecerFilosofía y economía¿Quién es el hombre?, as well as articles such as “El profesor universitario” and “La amistad en Aristóteles”.