Information Systems class – NEW YEAR RESOLUTIONS

This is the ‘New Year Resolutions’ essay of my student Jenny Dayao.

The guide question was: “Out of the ‘3 overarching themes’ of this course [Corporate Governance, Computer Security, & Enterprise Risk Management], choose one, then (a) set a particular objective for yourself in line with that theme, and (b) write out 1 or 2 resolutions in relation to that objective.

I really liked this one!  Thanks, Jenny!

🙂  🙂  🙂   😉  😉  😉

New Year’s Resolution ♥ BA 121 Class Exercise

Signing up for my right to vote on the last day of the dreaded yet mobbed voters’ registration was doubtlessly one hell of a looong ride. Over 5 and a half hours of patiently lining up, waiting, cussing and sweating in the heat of an aluminum roofed top floor of an unventilated building, I am finally a registered voter. Haha. Can’t stop me, sweat! I’m not a UP student for nothing. XD The longest of the longest of queues in the whole world cannot dampen the spirit of this brave soul. 😀 UP is indeed the University of Pila– where I got my special skill and endless patience.

So lately, I have realized that these unfavorable sights can be avoided had I woken up a bit early and planned the day ahead. Year in and year out, punctuality has always been the problem I’d rather not find the solution. It’s either I’m too lazy or too busy or I was essentially made to procrastinate. Missed long and short quizzes, unmet paper deadlines and lost potential sponsors are some of the fruits of my tree of tardiness.

(Risk) Management, one of the overarching themes of BA 121, is one of the things I would want to be good at this 2010, well, aside from Accounting and AIS, of course. 😀 Matched with proper self-control and willpower, good management skills can take me as far as beating Carlos Yu for the top spot and making Raf Dela Costa feel he is unloved by Accounting.

So, back to the objective of this article. As every teacher from gradeschool, or even college professors (grabe! haha), would threateningly demand, aside from How I Spent My Summer Vacation, here are My New Year’s Resolutions:
2. Adjust my body clock
3. Be late for only 10 mins max (from Karl)
4. Be realistic
5. Cut my daydreaming time in half
6. Be not kuripot sa load
7. Smile more often

Here’s to a lucky and metallic 2010! Rawr! <3