BSP-UP Professorial Chair lecture 2015

BSP-UP Professorial Chair lecture 2015


The BSP-UP Professorial Chair Lecture Series is an annual event hosted by the Bangko Sentral ng Pilipinas (BSP) in cooperation with the University of the Philippines (UP). UP Professorial Chairholders are invited to give a lecture on their written research output at the BSP.

The BSP established the BSP Sterling Chairs in 2006 and upgraded the existing chairs to BSP-UP Centennial Professorial Chairs in 2008 to continuously support the research, teaching, training and other programs of the University of the Philippines System. It is envisioned to help maintain a critical mass of productive research scholars in economics, statistics, business administration, finance, accounting, agriculture and other related fields at the UP system as part of the collaboration between the BSP and the academe.


The Bangko Sentral ng Pilipinas (BSP), in partnership with the University of the Philippines System, hosts the 2015 BSP-UP Professorial Chair Lectures, on 19-20 October 2015 at the Assembly Hall, BSP Main Complex, Malate, Manila.

The Professorial Chair Lectures provide the opportunity for chairholders to present their research, and for the participants to discuss important issues in economics, statistics, business administration, finance, accounting, agriculture and other related fields as part of the collaboration between the BSP and the academe.

For this occasion, we have the honor of seeing BSP Governor Amando M. Tetangco, Jr. welcome the guests and participants, and UP System President Alfredo E. Pascual deliver the opening remarks.




Here are some early shots:

BSP-UP professorial chair lecture-1-Gov&Pres

Above: Front row: 2nd from left: UP President Alfredo Pascual. 3rd from left: Central Bank Governor Amando Tetangco.

BSP-UP professorial chair lecture-2-Paul&Jon

Above: To my left: THE Polo scholar of the Philippines, Dr. Paul Dumol. To his left: my Discussant, Dr. Oscar “Jon” Bulaong, Ateneo de Manila University.


Above: To my right: My boss (Dept. Chair) Dr. Dave Borja. To my left: my co-teacher of Finance Regulation and Ethics, Atty. Roel Refran, COO of Philippine Stock Exchange (PSE) 🙂


For 2015, my professorial chair lecture will be:

“The leader as friend: Implications of Leonardo Polo’s Friendship in Aristotle for humanistic corporate governance”


This paper endeavors to show that Polo’s essay on Aristotle’s notions of friendship in his Amistad en Aristóteles has important implications for humanistic corporate governance, in particular through Polo’s discernment of the nature and virtues of friendship as they may relate to leadership. Concretely, one can draw those virtues that are natural to him as a human being and as an authentic friend, which at the same time accompany his transcendental leadership of self-gift and service to others. Firstly, there are the chief moral virtues ―or the cardinal virtues― of: (1) prudence, (2) justice, (3) fortitude, (4) temperance. In addition, there are the virtues of: (5) humility, (6) veracity, and (7) love, or charity. It is hoped that, by highlighting these characteristics of a true friend contained in Amistad en Aristóteles ―especially the superiority of Christian charity over the natural friendship notions of Aristotle―, we have provided clear indications for how the authentic friend-leader turns out to be the ideal moral leader who will bring about that much-desired human flourishing in organizational members and, by extension, successful business outcomes. The assertion here is that “transcendental leadership”, i.e., leadership by way of transcendent motives (in addition to extrinsic and intrinsic motives), whereby the leader makes himself have a genuine interest in the development of and in contributing to the good of the follower, has tremendous potential for a better organizational functioning.


Initial Slides PPT:

BSP-UP professorial chair lecture - initial slides


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