Juegos atléticos universitarios

University Athletic Association of the Philippines (UAAP)

Ahora que el destino nos ha sorprendido de nuevo con una 2ª victoria en Baloncesto, para la U.P., en esta 72 edición de los juegos, NO voy a bloguear sobre cómo ha sido posible :-/ [pues la U.P. casi nunca ha ganado en estos juegos, excepto en los años 80, y en el “Cheerdancing” en 2007 y 2008] sino voy a bloguear sobre cuáles bebidas podríamos sacar en la próxima clase de Contabilidad con los undergraduates para CELEBRAR estas sorpresas 🙂

Except for signages outside the classrooms that say “NO food and drinks allowed”, I wonder if we can celebrate with a bit of non-alcoholic drinks, say, light beer or wine? Otherwise, I guess we’ll have to do with some chocolates 🙂

*Point of English communication order: I remember Dr. Jonathan Malicsi teaching us that the statement “[Alcoholic drinks are] Prohibited to minors!” is grammatically incorrect 🙂  He says, it should read: “Minors are prohibited from taking alcoholic drinks.” 😉

OK, so, are the U.P. undergraduates prohibited from celebrating rare UAAP wins through non-alcoholic drinks inside the classroom? Please, can anyone answer me this question?*

Mientras tanto, vamos a celebrar con la canción “CELEBRATE”:

*Dr Wendell Capili, UPSystem Info Office director + AVP Public Affairs confirms that I CANNOT serve beer or wine in the classroom to celebrate UAAP 2nd win for U.P.  😦  but YES, softdrinks, juice, diet drinks, tea.  Oh well…  Me conformo con…CHOCOLATES! 😉


In the meantime, PLS watch this great video link sent in by J.C. Soliman:

3rd Asian Cheerleading Competition – Japanese Family Cheering Exhibition

SO super-duper CUTIEEEEE!!!

[How do you say “Cutie! Congrats!” in Japanese? KAWAII!!! (?)]

🙂 🙂 🙂

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