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“Life is really, really hard; thank God it’s so beautiful – it’s one of those rare films that catches you by the emotional short hairs and refuses to let go. By the time the final reel plays, you’re going to be weeping tears of commingled sadness and joy – unless you happen to have blocked tear ducts. (And, if you do, you might consider a viewing of this movie as a possible cure.) Bella is really not so much a love story (in the sense of two people falling head over heels) as it is a story about love and how it can heal psychic wounds and enrich our lives.” John P. Meyer, AFI Dallas, about Bella, the movie, starring and produced by EDUARDO VERÁSTEGUI. (

Creo que una de las maneras en que podríamos sentir lo que de verdad significa “amar la vida” es mirar las vidas de las personas que han luchado y han ofrecido su vida entera para que la vida se proteja desde su concepción hasta la muerte natural.

Eduardo Verástegui es uno de aquellos que más han promocionado la VIDA en recientes años, en especial a partir de la película BELLA, que ganó el “People’s Choice Award” de la “Toronto Film Festival” en 2007. [Sitio web oficial:]

Él mismo dice: “Comprendí que no había nacido para ser estrella de cine sino para servir a Dios”… “Quise dejarlo todo y hacerme misionero, irme lejos de Hollywood. Hasta que descubrí que mi lugar estaba ahí”…- “Le hice la promesa a Dios de que no volvería a trabajar en ningún proyecto que ofendiera mi fe, mi familia o mi comunidad latina”… []


Film Synopsis: Bella tells the story of Nina, a New York City waitress, and her co-worker Jose, a cook.  “The energy in the kitchen of an elegant Mexican restaurant in Manhattan is cranking up steadily, as the staff braces for the noon rush. One waitress, Nina, is running late, which is becoming a habit. She dashes in at the last minute, but Manny, the owner, tells her this is one time too many, and fires her on the spot. As Nina storms out, the head chef, Manny’s brother José (a mysteriously tragic guy, peeking out through a forest of beard and hair), follows her outside to make sure she’s OK. When he learns that she is pregnant, he walks away from the restaurant and spends the day at her side, compelled for unknown reasons to try to help her. Over the course of the day, their conversations, encounters, and decisions will send changes rippling through many lives, over many years.”


Bella resonated with adoption and pro-life organizations, who gave the movie high marks for its life-affirming, pro-adoption themes.


Bella is a heartwarming story about friendship, family, and our capacity for love in the face of the unexpected. It’s a story of regaining lost faith, and the journeys life presents us with which help us grow in spirit. Bella is indeed a result of such faith, and shines as a true testament of what the human spirit can accomplish. This film is a gift, and is for a certainty the reward of three men pursuing an honest dream, one of purpose, meaning, and love.” []



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Eduardo Verástegui recibiendo el premio OLA DE ORO

[“GOLDEN WAVE” Award].





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El discurso por EDUARDO VERÁSTEGUI en la Gran Manifestación Pro-Vida, España, el 17 de octubre de 2009 // Click here, for the Speech by EDUARDO VERÁSTEGUI during the huge PRO-LIFE RALLY, Spain, last 17 October 2009:

Bravo, Eduardo! Que Dios te bendiga…

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