St John Marie Vianney

Feast of St. Jean Marie Vianney // Fiesta de San Juan María Vianney

Year for Priests // Año Sacerdotal

The following appears in a Parish Newsletter in Dublin, Ireland:

“It must be a year that is both positive and forward looking in which the Church says to her priests above all, but also to the Faithful and to wider society by means of the mass media, that she is proud of her priests, loves them, honours them, admires them and that she recognizes their pastoral work and the witness of their life. Truthfully priests are important not only for what they do but also for who they are.
Sadly, it is true that at the present time some priests have been shown to have been involved in gravely problematic and unfortunate situations. It is necessary to investigate these matters, pursue judicial processes and impose penalties accordingly. However, it is also important to keep in mind that these pertain to a very small portion of the clergy.
The overwhelming majority of priests are people of great personal integrity, dedicated to the sacred ministry; men of prayer and of pastoral charity, who invest their entire existence in the fulfilment of their vocation and mission, often through great personal sacrifice, but always with an authentic love towards Jesus Christ, the Church and the people, in solidarity with the poor and the suffering. It is for this reason that the Church is proud of her priests wherever they may be found.” – Cardinal Hummes, Prefect of the Congregation for the Clergy in the Vatican.

Prefiero hacer hincapié en el ultimo párafo: que amamos y veneramos los sacerdotes porque son personas de integridad y se sacrifican por entero para dar impulso a la misión cristiana en el mundo…  En días como este, me acuerdo de lo que San Josemaría siempre nos ha dicho: Recemos por los sacerdotes, para que sean santos, doctos y alegres.

Let us pray for more Priests for the Church.  //  Vamos a rezar que haya más sacerdotes para la Iglesia…

Let us pray that our Priests be truly holy, learned, and cheerful 🙂


Para l@s que estéis preparando alguna clase o queráis estudiar el tema del sacerdocio, ofrezco aquí un posible esbozo o esquema: // Those of you who are researching on Priesthood or are going to give a Class on the topic, I did an outline, here:

🙂 😉