Our Lady of Pentecost

Our Lady of Pentecost Parish (OLPP)

Me alegra el haber asistido a la Misa celebrada esta noche por nuestro Párroco, Father Bong Tupino, delante de la pequeña ermita de la Madonna & Child en la esquina de la Calle Rosa Alvero, en Xavierville 2, Loyola Heights, Quezon City. [I’m so glad to have been present at the special Mass celebrated by Father Bong Tupino, Parish Priest of the Our Lady of Pentecost Parish, tonight, 28 September, before the cute Shrine of Our Lady & the Child along Rosa Alvero Street…]

img657-FatherBongFather Bong speaking to us after the Mass

(sorry I don’t know how to control the lighting…)

Esta ‘visitación de la zona’ forma parte de su iniciativa para hacer realidad y apoyar el objetivo del Sr. Obispo Mons. Honesto Ongtioco, de la Diocésis de Cubao, de organizar los miembros de cada parroquia en grupitos o Comunidades Eclesiales Básicas (BEC), que está indicado entre las prioridades de la Diocésis*―y así atenderles mejor [This is part of his ZONAL VISITATION, which in turn is part of his initiative to implement and put into action one of the Agenda priority items of Bishop Honesto Ongtioco, of the Cubao Diocese: to make the members of every Parish more cohesive by grouping them into “Basic Ecclesial Communities (BEC’s)” and, thus, reach out to them better.]


Little Shrine of the Madonna & Child, Rosa Alvero Street.

PLEASE HELP US WITH YOUR PRAYERS so that these plans and projects may come to fruition in the coming months and years…


By the end of 2011 the Diocese of Cubao will be a local Church:


1. where parishes are alive and strengthened through the Basic Ecclesial Communities (BEC) by:
a) synergizing the implementation of Diocesan Programs
b) a comprehensive formation program for Integral Evangelization for the lay, and clergy with the collaboration of the religious;

2. with a self-sufficient catechetical program in the light of its autonomy from the Archdiocese of Manila;

3. that utilizes media (e.g. Internet, TV, Radio, Print) for evangelization;

4. that has a sustainable resource mobilization guided by the spirituality of stewardship;

5. where its organizational structure and policies are clarified and updated in the light of some emerging ministries.


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