Human Resources


The “Management Bible”* says:


Recognition is one of the most powerful activities that a manager can do to increase productivity, improve morale, and provide a sense of meaning on the part of employees on a day-to-day basis. Yet, in most work environments, this activity is underutilized and even randomly applied. Studies indicate that being thanked for doing a good job is one of the most motivating incentives an employee reports receiving, even though some 58 percent of employees say they seldom if ever receive such thanks from their managers where they currently work. When recognition is tied to desired performance, it becomes a big driver of enhancing that performance, both the quantity and quality of individual effort and results…

…To motivate employees, managers need to reward achievements and progress toward goals by employees much more frequently than once a year. Indeed, rewarding performance needs to take place on almost a daily basis. More times than not, what is more important to workers are intangibles such as being appreciated for the work they’ve done, being kept informed about things that affect them, and having a sympathetic manager who takes time to listen to them. None of these intangibles are very costly, but they all do take the time and thoughtfulness of a manager who cares…”


* Bob Nelson & Peter Economy, “THE MANAGEMENT BIBLE”, (John Wiley & Sons, Inc.), 2005.


Measuring and rewarding desired employee behavior were at the heart of XYZ Company’s program. It was the job of supervisors and managers to closely track the performance of employees and assign points for each of the factors

Of course, results speak louder than words.  In the program’s first year, XYZ Company saved P5.2 million, increased productivity by nearly 15 percent, and reduced quality-related mistakes by 40 percent

How is productivity typically measured?

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Microsoft’s thesaurus gives the following synonyms for ‘productivity’:

output, efficiency, yield, production


YIELD  =  output  /  input


Why Appraise Performance?

  • Appraisals provide important input on which promotion and salary raise decisions can be made
  • Lets the boss and subordinate develop a plan for correcting any deficiencies
  • Provides opportunity to review employee’s career plans



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