Care Bears


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The Care Bears are a group of adorable, furry friends each with a special caring mission.  They help teach people how to care.  Every Care Bear wears a bright-colored tummy picture that tells the world who they are and what is their special area of caring.

In their cloud-land home, called Care-a-lot, the Care Bears help each other learn to care.  Sometimes they magically bring a child with a special caring concern to Care-a-lot so that they can better teach them some of the finer points of being a caring person.  Sometimes, too, the Care Bears have to speed down to Earth to help with some crisis in caring.  Wherever the Care Bears go, and whatever the Care Bears do, in their soft, fuzzy, and funny way, they share their special gift of caring with everyone they meet.

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I was so delighted to have actually gotten hold of at least five (5) of the Care Bears!  Here they are:


From L to R, they are: Secret Bear, Bashful Bear, Daydream Bear, ThanksALot Bear, and TakeCare Bear 🙂

And I’ll tell you how each of these 5 relates to the objective of this blog, which is “Values and Virtues for Surviving in Life”.  Here’s an Outline:

♥ Secret Bear = keeping professional secrets

♥ Bashful Bear = modesty, shame (according to my Tita, it’s pudor)

♥ Daydream Bear = building a better future, thru creative use of the imagination

♥ ThanksALot Bear = Gratefulness (again, according to my Tita: “ser agradecido/a”)

♥ TakeCare Bear = being Caring + being Careful


Lemme explain:

♥ Secret Bear – Although sincerity and veracity are important values, there are circumstances where ‘keeping secrets’ becomes important, for example, when keeping professional or trade secrets, or when keeping silence of office.

♥ Bashful Bear – In Chapter 11 of Bishop Prelate Javier Echevarria’s book “Itinerarios de Vida Cristiana”, we are told about the ‘phenomenology of shame‘, about a virtue called pudor in Spanish, which is really a combination of modesty, the right kind of shame, carefulness, elegance, dignity, prudence, etc.

♥ Daydream Bear – this bear represents the ‘right’ kind of daydreaming, a creative ‘thinking about and planning for the future’, putting our imagination to good use, being realistic, but at the same time being forward-looking, so that we can meet our objectives in life…

♥ ThanksALot Bear – this speaks about the quality of GRATEFULNESS, of knowing how to give thanks, whenever necessary, which is actually often 🙂  We all have to learn GRATITUDE from ThanksALot Bear… 😉

♥ TakeCare Bear – There are 2 parts here: 1) knowing how to be CARING (which all the episodes of ‘CareBears’ would show us), and 2) knowing how to TAKE CARE, i.e., to be concerned about our safety and security, for we have to preserve our life, so that we can continue serving God!

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Care Bears Official Website:

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“Venid conmigo a la Jornada Mundial de la Juventud en Madrid en 2011!”

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