Jesús Urteaga, Priest, Writer

Don Jesús Urteaga, sacerdote, autor, el “cura de la tele”

Father Jesús Urteaga, Priest, writer and journalist, passed away last 30 August at the age of 87.  He founded and directed the magazine Mundo Cristiano and wrote several books on spirituality, such as: Letters to Mankind: Meditations on Contemporary Society; Saints in the World: The Adventure of Christian Life; God & Children (The Vocation of Parents); I Shall Begin Now!; Always Cheerful – Making Others Happy (Friendly Tips for Young People); The Defects of the Saints, among many others.

He was born in San Sebastián, Spain, on 7 December 1921.  He obtained a Law degree; a doctorate in Civil Law at the University of Madrid by 1953, and doctorate in Sacred Theology at the Lateran University of Rome in 1957.  An Opus Dei Priest, don Jesús started his television ‘career’ in 1960, and came to be called ‘el cura de la tele’ —the “priest of television”— and by 1965 was given the National Prize by Spanish TV.  In 1963, he founded the magazine Mundo Cristiano and was its director for more than 30 years.


UNIV 2010:

Palliative Care: Contributions from Christianity and the other Religions

Al buscar más noticias, descubrí que don Jesús también dirigió en 2006 la colección en un manual con el título “Cuidados paliativos: situación actual, diversos planteamientos aportados por la fe y la religion[Palliative Care: Present-day Situation and Contributions of the Faith and of Religion] para el Consejo Pontificio para la Pastoral de la Salud.  Me ocurrió pensar que, para el UNIV 2010, podríamos plantear a algun@s universitari@s la confección de algún trabajo sobre este asunto.

Definitivamente, estará en sintonía con una de las propuestas en – “Algunas cuestiones actuales de bioética: Medicina paliativa”.  Les propongo el siguiente esquema:

I.   Introducción / Objetivos
II. Cuidados Paliativos: Historia

a) El cristianismo y la medicina: Influjo de la fe en el trabajo del científico

b) Aportación de las varias tradiciones religiosas

(Source: Jesús Urteaga “Cuidados paliativos: situación actual…”)

c) La aportación concreta del cristianismo a los cuidados paliativos: Estudio descriptivo

III. Hacia una visión cristiana de la relación Médico-Paciente

IV. Recomendaciones

V.  Resumen.  Conclusiones.

VI. Cuestiones para la futura investigación


A paper on this matter would surely be in sync with one of the suggestions found on – “Current Issues in Bioethics:  Palliative Care”.  For those wishing to work on this topic, you might want to follow the outline below:

Palliative Care: Contributions from Christianity and the other Religions

I.   Introduction / Objectives
II. Palliative Care: History and Background

a) Christianity and the Medical Doctor: Belief Influencing Science

b) Contributions to Palliative Care from the various Religions

(Source: Jesús Urteaga Cuidados paliativos: situación actual…”)

c) Focus on Christian/Catholic Contributions: Descriptive Study

III. Towards a ‘Christian’ Patient-Doctor Relationship

IV. Recommendations

V.  Summary & Conclusions

VI. Areas for Further Study

For other topics related to Natural Sciences and Medicine, go to:

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Don Jesús Urteaga, Priest since 1948, was the last person whom Saint Josemaría Escrivá spoke to directly regarding self-giving to God in Opus Dei.  He agreed to an interview with ZENIT where he spoke about his “YES” for life:

In a portion of the interview, when asked about that moment at which he gave his “YES” for life, he replied: “Given the then State Exams with which we had to finish our degree in my country, I had to do the exam by heading to Valladolid.  What we call “chance” or “random event” is actually providence.  I say this because somebody had the idea of asking me and my companion Ignacio Echeverría ―who is now a Priest in Argentina― if we wanted to know and meet the author of The Way who found himself preaching a Retreat for university students at the College where we were staying.  My response was a tremendous “YES!”.  We had read and re-read his book.  The Way is full of YESes, generous, efficacious, apostolic; yeses of great love for God and huge service to those who surround us… At the end of the State Exams, we returned to San Sebastián very happy, also for finishing the Exam with excellent marks, a joy that spread to the rest of the people of the course… And I said “YES” for life.  He spoke to me in particular about complete self-giving.”…

Lately don Jesús has written the book “Sí” [“Yes”]… I’d highly encourage you to read it 😉