Grad School Humor

GRAD SCHOOL HUMOR  //  Para reírse cuando se muera ya procurando terminar la tesis doctoral…

¿¡¿Por qué me acordé de este fantástico comic sobre el doctorado sólo ahora?!?

It’s a great comic place for those finishing grad school and theses ―where PHD means “Piled Higher and Deeper”― by JORGE CHAM who got his PhD in Mechanical Engineering at Stanford University, and was a full-time Instructor and researcher at the California Institute of Technology (Caltech) from 2003-2005.


¿Te acuerdas de las regresiones y las correlaciones? Pues el comic arriba describe perfectamente mi situación unos segundos antes de abrir este blog 🙂

Just now, I joined The Official PHD Comics Group in Facebook, whose tagline is “ProcrastiNetwork”…and the first writing on the Wall that I find is this: “I love my dissertation….I love my dissertation….I love my dissertation….I love my dissertation….Nope…still not true!!!” 😀 😀 😀 [thanks, Jw Carter!]


On the Debate Forum, Ania started a thread “You know you are doing a PhD when…”, asking everyone to add to the list.  Needless to say, the list has become infinite :-/ but my fave ones are:

1. You spend your weekend in the lab

2. You have a “food drawer” in your office

3. You accidentally exceed the article downloading quota

4. You feel like staying overnight in lab-office to work but actually watch movie

5. You have to prepare powerpoint slides weekly but ended up procrastinating the preparation

6. You don’t remember what day it is today

7. You can’t decide between a Pearson correlate or Kappa coefficient…and finally settle on having a beer.

8. You should be working on your dissertation but instead are browsing “you know you are doing a PhD when…”

HAHAHA …Oops, guilty…


¿Entiendes por qué todavía estoy aquí? 😉

Entonces, si no quieres que tu amig@ te dé una bofetada cuando le preguntes sobre sus estudios, ten muy en cuenta esta PHD ETIQUETTE:


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ENJOY YOURSELF!!!  //  ¡Que lo pases bien!

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