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NUS MBA Programme Briefing – 22 August 2009, 2-5pm, Makati Shangri-la Hotel

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The National University of Singapore (NUS) MBA Programme Office was in town once again for a Roadshow/Briefing on its standard MBA Programme as well as the other postgraduate offerings of the Business School.  I was glad to see around 60-70 potential MBA students in attendance: some of them were former students at UP – THANKS!

When the description “Asia’s GLOBAL Business School” crops up, I cannot but recall my own definition of “global” and its benefits, namely: 1) The NUS MBA has made me quite ‘culturally savvy’ and thus has given me the necessary social and people skills which I don’t think I possessed prior to joining the Program; 2) The NUS MBA definitely made me “integrative” in approach and mental processes. What I mean is I became inter-disciplinary and multi-disciplinary in thinking and in approach ever since I got back; and 3) I definitely became a more communicative and more ‘GLOBAL’ person (i.e., a ‘person for all persons/places’)…


GMAT tips by Kaplan; this was followed by presentations by Edwin and Richard.

Estaba allí como graduada, y me dio mucha alegría ver a otros graduados: Chester y Chang [Coreano].  Colegas de NUS ―Richard y Edwin― vinieron desde Singapur para presentar el MBA a los asistentes.  El programa hoy consistió en las siguientes partes: 1ª – la presentación por Kaplan, una institución que da clases particulares para preparar a la gente a examinarse en el GMAT [Graduate Management Admissions Test]; 2ª – la presentación por Edwin de NUS y todo el programa del MBA; 3ª – Richard habló de su experiencia actual como alumno del MBA.  Luego vinieron las preguntas de los presentes, a los que procuramos dar respuestas…


A todos los que asistieron: MUCHAS GRACIAS. To all those who came: THANKS A LOT!  To Richard & Edwin, as well as to Chester & Chang: ‘Twas nice seeing you all again!  THANKS & SEE YOU AGAIN SOON!

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