Barangay Loyola Heights

Barangay Captain Caesar Marquez

The Barangay Loyola Heights brochure describes the Vision-Mission of the Barangay as follows:

Vision: To build a progressive model community that effectively responds to its members’ needs through pro-active public service programs implemented by leaders who will be able to lead by example.

Mission: To provide services that reach out to Loyola Heights’ diverse constituency comprised of residential communities, campuses, and business establishments, and to initiate programs that will ensure a harmonious, peaceful, safe, responsible, eco-friendly and progressive community.


Mr Caesar Marquez, Punong Barangay, is now on the 3rd year of his term.  At first, Mr Marquez simply wanted to rule a community in which the constituents would learn to implement the law, rules and regulations.  He knew he needed to start with 2 things: ensure the security of the community, and unite the efforts of the various stakeholders: the individual villages that made up the Barangay, the Parish (Our Lady of Pentecost Parish), the staff of the local government unit, the authorities of the schools belonging to the Barangay…  As soon as he accomplished this, he knew he was off to really carrying out the functions of a barangay leader, as spelled out in the Vision and Mission as stated above.

I would like to highlight here 2 important hallmarks of his having been Barangay Captain: (1) Peace and order, and (2) Education.

Peace and Order: Surely this is a very important component of the tasks of any Barangay Captain.  And visibly this has been accomplished by Mr Marquez: my friends who enter the village as guests would invariably notice and make remarks about the silence and security that they would “feel” as soon as they come in.

Mr Marquez says that he has managed to bring down the crime rate in the Barangay by as much as 90% from the time he took over.  This he achieved in collaboration with the competent PNP Station 9 which received the “Most Outstanding Police Station” award from the Department of Interior and Local Government.  Col. Palisoc in fact is on his 3rd term as station commander, evidence of the efficiency and effectiveness of the tandem in this area.

Education: In his message on the Barangay Loyola Heights brochure, Mr Marquez says “the barangay…prides itself on being called the “Gateway to the Educational Hub of Quezon City“, being surrounded as it is by such universities as Ateneo de Manila University, Miriam College, proximate parts of University of the Philippines Diliman, etc.  It is, thus, important to draw from this “intellectual power and energy source” and deliver literacy and education to those who are less fortunate.

Some of the highly successful components of this educational effort are: (a) the Barangay Day Care Center, for children 0-7 years of age; (b) the Interactive Children’s Learning Program (ICLP) for those in the 7-13 years age bracket; (c) the delivery of the Alternative Learning System from Commission on Higher Education (CHED); (d) Vocational Courses, and (e) the high-potential “e-Eskwela”, which is digital-based learning.  Originally envisaged for the provinces, Barangay Loyola Heights’ e-Eskwela is the first urban-based application of the local government unit (LGU) learning system.  There are large numbers of youths from the nearby schools that volunteer regularly to give tutorials under these various initiatives, but since the national educational system demands a gargantuan effort on the part of each citizen, this portion of the barangay’s functions is continually in need of hands –minds and hearts, above all– to provide non-stop the needed academic as well as extra-curricular ‘fuels’ of these youths who badly need training.

Kudos to Barangay Captain Caesar Marquez!


I call on all the constituents of Barangay Loyola Heights, Quezon City, to close ranks with Mr Marquez so we can put in our share in the fulfillment of the Vision-Mission of our beloved Barangay 🙂

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