Enrique Shaw, Argentine businessman

Bumped into this news article “Enrique Shaw, the Argentine businessman who the Pope prays to“, so I decided to investigate further, and found out the following (see below).


Argentinian businessman Enrique Shaw kept his company open during an economic downturn for the benefit of his employees.

The opposite of ruthless unconcern for the rest of his industry, he adopted business policies actually to benefit his competitors.

Founder of Asociación Cristiana de Dirigentes de Empresas (ACDE) – Christian Association of Business Executives, part of the International Union of Employers (UNIAPAC), his inspired leadership helped spread a movement of spiritually enlightened management to other countries.


An excellent student at De La Salle, he cultivated and deepened his spiritual life. At the Military Naval School, he gave an extraordinary witness of his faith, and in the southern seas he did a very committed and far-reaching apostolic work…


Enrique sought to evangelize others to the faith with a light and loving spirit, first as a Naval Officer, then in his civilian life. As a factory manager, he treated his employees and their families with Christian brotherhood, breaking down formal barriers between “boss” and “workers”. When he suffered a final illness, they donated their blood to him; he declared, “Now I have the workers’ blood running through my veins.”


Video Documentary:

Enrique Shaw: A Life, A Testimony – The life of the Servant of God Enrique Ernesto Shaw, a married businessman from Argentina, was one of faithful service to Christ and the Church. This documentary explores his unique life and witness.




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