MAP CEO Conference



The 11th MAP International CEO Conference had for its theme “Business Beyond Borders: Global Perspectives, Domestic Dynamics”

With the ASEAN Economic Community (AEC) about to come to fruition (end of 2015), the MAP invited various wonderful international speakers to shed light on the AEC and its implications for Philippine & global business 🙂

The Conference began with Secretary General of the ASEAN His Excellency Le Luong Minh describing the progress made toward the fulfilment of the AEC: “Preparation, Prudence…Cooperation..are needed tor ASEAN Economic Community (AEC) goals to be met”, he said.

Next came Jayant Menon, an economist at the ADB. “The most impt challenge is not getting to 2015 but what happens after 2015 — implementing what has been agreed upon,” said Menon. He discussed the “development divide” within the ASEAN, and suggested that “regionalism ought to be a MEANS rather than an END.”

After him spoke Thierry Apoteker, whose talk outline was as follows:

1. ASEAN importance from an outsider’s perspective: geopolitical balance versus economic gravity
2. The EU is keen to see ASEAN integration going further and ASEAN power and influence to be enhanced
3. Critical tips from a European observer: lessons learnt that would be helpful for ASEAN

After lunch came the very dynamic & engaging presentation by Doug Keeley on LEADERSHIP. After showing us the leadership examples of Sir Ernest Shackleton and Howard Shultz (Starbucks), he outline for us what he felt were the 5 levels of Leadership: Spirit, Imagination, Intellect, Hands, and Heart, 🙂

He also showed us the interesting leadership strategy at Dabbawala who knew how to SIMPLIFY things for people 🙂

MAP_CEO_Conference_3Above: With colleague Erik Capistrano

My friend, Daryll Saclag, from BusinessWorld, was there to cover the event. Pls follow him: he’s got plenty of reports & tweets on the 11th MAP International CEO Conference 🙂