Accounting Ethics

Accounting Ethics, by Michael Pakaluk and Mark Cheffers

I was so glad and excited to have received my copy of ‘Accounting Ethics’! Image above is a shot of my copy 🙂

Allen David Press book review:

In their third book on this subject of accounting ethics, Pakaluk (one of the world’s leading Aristotelian scholars) and Cheffers (formerly one of the country’s leading accounting fraud investigators) have produced what could come to be seen as the best book on the topic ever written. Combining first-hand accounts of gross accounting ethics failures with deep discussions about the philosophical foundations associated with these failures, the authors have written a book on accounting ethics that in parts reads like a detective novel and in parts like an advanced seminar on philosophy. They begin the book by connecting the dots between the long standing and gross accounting ethics failures at AIG (American International Group) and AIG becoming the instrument for the near collapse of the entire financial system of the world (Fed Chairman Bernanke’s description). Added to this are chapters discussing gross failures at Enron and Worldcom. A chapter on Lehman Brothers is also included but interestingly this analysis concludes quite differently from previous chapters. Intermixed in the book are chapters dealing with some of the most difficult topics facing accountants. How do rules, principles and ethics interact? Is accounting a profession or a business? Are accountants trusted because they are competent and tell the truth or trusted because they are independent? How has the profession changed over the past century? Can accounting ethics be taught? What must be done?


Excerpts of review from ‘Accounting News Report’:

The aim of the book can best be summed up as stopping the next great scandal the only surefire way you can: before it starts. “Only ethical behavior can prevent the next scandal.”

The book’s focus on having an ethical foundation is apparent in its treatment of what many financial experts, Fed Chairman Ben  Bernanke included, viewed as the linchpin that could have caused the collapse of the world’s financial system, the impending bankruptcy of American International Group.  The book approaches the dealings at AIG not as a failure of people or institutions but as one of accounting ethics.

In addition to AIG, the book gives a good play-by-play account of other high-profile collapses including Lehman Brothers, Enron and WorldCom.

Pakaluk and Cheffers make the case that following the rules aren’t enough. In fact, in the Lehman Brothers play-by-play, the authors ask the troubling question, “What are an accountant’s professional responsibilities if the principles themselves seem to be misguided, or if an accounting standard itself seems to promote a purely rules-based approach?”

The book covers virtues, personal responsibility, the relationship between rules and principles, several influential but misguided, alternative approaches to ethics, professionalism, the aforementioned high profile cases, and ten cases taken from everyday practice.

“Accounting ethics lies at the intersection of accounting, ethics, and professionalism.”

The authors felt the area of professionalism was so fundamental to the subject of accounting ethics, they devoted three chapters to it and the subtle yet important shift from “Trusted because Truthful” to “Truthful because Trusted.”

If you are familiar with Understanding Accounting Ethics, either the second edition or the original, also written by the Cheffers and Pakaluk, you will immediately see the same passion for ethics evident in the latest book.

But just because the “feel” is familiar don’t mistake the relationship between the old and the new as just a refreshed edition, because it is much more, and not just because 11 out of the book’s 15 chapters are completely new.

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100% Free Movement

Youth for Christ (YFC) “Live Pure Movement”

In the RMN radio show last July 10, I asked Lance Katigbak the following questions:

“Lance, tama ba ako sa pagsabi na ang Kalinisan sa Buhay at Kadalisayan ng Puso ay isa sa mga mahalagang kabutihang asal na kailangan nating matutunan? Kung gayo’y: itukoy mo sa amin ang ibig sabihin nito.  Balita ko’y isa sa mahalagang paksa ni Ginoong Christopher West ang Chastity sa Freedom to Love Conference na kung saa’y dumalo ka noong ika-25 ng Hunyo. Ibahagi mo naman sa amin ang mga pangunahing leksyon na napulot mo sa talks niya…”

“Ipagpatuloy natin, LANCE, ang usapin ukol sa Chastity Education. Nasabi na rin ng tanyag na Ekonomistang si Dr. Bernardo Villegas sa Column nya sa dyaryo na “Chastity is possible among the youth”:

Batid ko’y sa grupo mo, may itinutulak na tinaguriang “LIVE PURE MOVEMENT”.  Maaari mo bang itukoy ito?”

The movement is now called 100% FREE MOVEMENT, which promotes chastity [for singles: complete abstinence until marriage; for married couples: monogamous relationship, fidelity to the spouse, unitive and open-to-life use of procreative powers] among the YOUTH.


Live Pure Movement:

 Videos of activities of Live Pure Movement:

True Love Waits:

True Love Waits challenges teenagers and college students to make a commitment to sexual abstinence until marriage. Created by LifeWay Christian Resources, True Love Waits encourages moral purity by adhering to biblical principles. This youth-based international campaign utilizes positive peer pressure by encouraging those who make a commitment to refrain from pre-marital sex to challenge their peers to do the same.


Christopher West “Freedom to Love” Conference in Manila:

My slide presentation on “Ethics of LOVE” or “Sexual Ethics”:

Love and Responsibility:

Download summary of ‘Love and Responsibility’, here:

‘Theology of the Body’ essay (from Theology of the Body International Alliance):

Abstinence Education:


Abby Johnson unPLANNED

unPLANNED by Abby Johnson

Abby Johnson’s life was changed on October 6, 2009. That was the day that she resigned from the largest abortion corporation in the nation…Planned Parenthood.

Abby worked and volunteered for Planned Parenthood for eight years. For the last year of her employment, Christ had been working on her heart. Although she didn’t understand why, Abby had begun to question her work and the motivations of the company she had dedicated herself to for eight years.

In September 2009, she saw something that forever changed her mind on the issue of abortion. Abby was asked to assist in an ultrasound guided abortion procedure. On the ultrasound screen she saw a 13 week baby in the womb fight for its life…only to lose the battle in the end.

Not knowing where to go, Abby turned to a local pro-life resource group, The Brazos Valley Coalition for Life. She explained the events that she had witnessed and swore that she would begin to advocate for life in the womb, instead of destroying it. …


Unplanned is a heart-stopping personal drama of life-and-death encounters, a courtroom battle, and spiritual transformation that speaks hope and compassion into the political controversy that surrounds this complex issue. Telling Abby’s story from both sides of the abortion clinic property line, this book is a must-read…

What happened in that clinic to cause this Planned Parenthood leader and Employee of the Year to take such drastic action? And how did Planned Parenthood react to her abrupt departure? Join Abby as she reveals her full story for the first time in “Unplanned”…


Important Links:

“unPLANNED the Book” website

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UP Campus Ministry Office

UP Campus Ministry Office; UP Scholars Choose Life Coalition

“U.P. Against R.H.Bill”:

UP faculty, students, staff and alumni successfully staged a silent protest rally against the “R.H.Bill” Friday, July 1, 2011, by “painting the UP town RED” –tying red ribbons around trees and objects, distributing and sticking “No to RH Bill” stickers, etc. They are basically the signatories to the Position Paper on the RH Bill signed by hundreds of UP constituents who are against the proposed law on the following grounds: government money is better channeled to jobs and creation, population is not a hindrance to economic development, condoms are not a wise investment, oral contraceptive pills are cancer-causing, etc. In sum, UP people are against a proposal that could only cause harm to the Filipino nation and its People. Kudos to UP Against RH! Ibasura, RHBill! Tutol kami sa RHBill!

Signed: Aliza Racelis, Faculty Adviser, UP Campus Ministry Office

“Campus Ministry sa UP” FB group


Ang Tunay na Iskolar ng Bayan

Ni: John B. Juat

Ang tunay na iskolar ng bayan

Na may pakialam sa kapwa nating mamamayan

Alam na hindi RH Bill ang tunay na kasagutan

Sa problemang hinaharap ng ating lipunan

Napakaraming problema ang dapat nating tugunan

Pagpapatatag ng edukasyon ang ating pondohan

Kung kulang pa tayo ng guro, libro at paaralan

Paano natin sila bibigyan ng wastong karunungan?

Pill at condom lang ba ang halaga ng ating katawan?

Kung hindi kaya mahalin, edi huwag na pakasalan

Tayo rin ang todong maaapektuhan, tayong mga kabataan

Kaya naman natin magtimpi, disiplina lang ang kailangan

Bakit ba ang pagbubuntis ay pilit iniiwasan?

Isa ba itong sakit na nararapat mabilisang gamutan?

Ang totoo, isa itong napakalaking karangalan

Na ang babae’y makapagdalang tao sa kanyang sinapupunan

Mga taga-UP, gamitin natin ang ating taglay na katalinuhan

Huwag tayo maging parang asong sunod sunuran

Hindi purkit uso at sinabing maganda ng mga taga-kanluran

Ay totoong makabubuti sa ating minamahal na bayan

Iskolar ng bayan, buksan natin ang ating isipan

Tingnan natin mabuti ang isyu sa kabuuan

Ibasura na natin ang RH Bill bago tayo magsisi ng tuluyan

At tinataguyod ng panukalang ito ay kultura ng kamatayan

Ang tunay na iskolar ng bayan

Na may pakialam sa kapwa nating mamamayan

Alam na hindi RH Bill ang tunay na kasagutan

Sa problemang hinaharap ng ating lipunan






Radio interview with Cong. Roilo Golez on the R.H.Bill:

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