Blood Money

Blood Money film

“We take a critical look into the dark origins of abortion, and return with a deeply disturbing picture: how a movement based on racism and population control usurped the momentum of the women’s rights movement to create something truly despicable– a multi-billion dollar industry that literally thrives on the destruction of unborn babies and the traumatizing of young pregnant women.

It’s not about hearsay. It’s not about political bias. We went right to the historical documents and got it from their own lips. We went directly to the women involved in the cases that made abortion legal. We went directly to abortion clinic owners. We spoke directly with women who’d had multiple abortions, and we let them paint the picture of how the industry really works…”


SOME IMPORTANT RESOURCES (incl. experts interviewed on the film):

Brian Clowes (Human Life International):

Read his book “Facts of Life” here:

Lila Rose, President, Live Action:

YouTube channel of LiveAction:

Exposé’s of: Abortion Clinics (abhorrent!), complete lack of simple mammogram tests, etc. etc.

Ruth Pakaluk (+1998), staunch Pro-Lifer in the State of Massachusetts:

Bernard Nathanson, abortionist turned pro-lifer:

Fr. Frank Pavone, ‘Priests for Life’:


Live Action’s “The Advocate”, a new media movement FOR LIFE:

The connection between contraception and abortion:





When does life begin?

The BUSINESS OF ABORTION in the Philippines!

Planned Parenthood, Philippines Program:

Women’s Global Network for Reproductive Rights:

Reproductive Health, Rights, and Ethics Center for Studies and Training:


Recommended Pro-Life sites (in English):

Priests for Life

American Life League

Pro-Life FB group


(BioEthics channel of MercatorNet)

Jill Stanek

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