Xavierville 2 Fiesta 2010

Xavierville Phase 2 – “Fiesta Na, Pasko Pa!” 2010

Xavierville 2’s Got Talent! 🙂


A feature we’ve introduced to this year’s festivities is the “Xavierville 2’s Got Talent” competition 🙂 A board of judges was constituted beforehand, in the run-up to December 4’s Fiesta Day, beginning with the AUDITIONS in the morning (see shot above). Above: Kim Pedrosa auditioning – fantastic singing voice!

Here’s a shot of the Judges and the audience (you’d find Dr. Darwin Yu and Mrs. Baby Fajardo, XHA2 current President and Vice President respectively, somewhere on the right side).




FIESTA MASS, DINNER and PROGRAM – December 4, 2010 evening


Fr. Bong Tupino, our dear Parish Priest of the Our Lady of Pentecost Parish (OLPP) officiating the Fiesta Mass at the XHA2 Shrine (Alvero cor. Reyes Sts.).



Above: Dr. & Mrs. Darwin Yu lighting the Advent Wreath.



In his homily, Fr. Bong made strong appeals –loud and clear!– for conversion, greater apostolic zeal, and harmony and unity among the residents of the contiguous villages and homeowners’ associations…





Above: Offertory: Mrs Baby Fajardo (XHA2 Vice President), leading the Offering of Gifts…




Seminarians from the SAN JOSE SEMINARY: Fr. Bong, towards the end of the Mass, explained that these Seminarians were earlier offering to Carol Fr. Bong at the Parish on Dec. 4. Knowing that there was gonna be a Fiesta Mass on the same day, Fr. Bong took advantage to invite them to sing at the XHA2 Mass instead 🙂 We, therefore, had a wonderful Choir for our Mass!


The Seminarians gave us a Christmas Carol treat after the Mass and right before Fr. Bong imparted the final blessing 🙂




Our erstwhile, ‘compleat’ performer, Mr Rudy ‘ROD’ Lopez, providing a one-man show, entertaining us during dinner with wonderful renditions of classic Christmas Carols! 🙂 He was our great musician-cum-spinner-cum-musical director, rolled into one 🙂


And now, the most awaited performances by the CONTESTANTS of the big hit 2010

Xavierville 2’s Got Talent ! 🙂


Above: Tommy Samonte, on the guitar, accompanied by dependable Daddy (vocals) and brother (drums). Kudos to the Samonte family! What a wonderful talented performing family!


Michelle Sarosa, doing a splendid ‘Little Mermaid’ piece! 🙂


The audience impact of this (dance) number was huge (!) from the start…

Presenting: Andro & Nikko Lapeña 🙂


And, of course, the lovely daughters of Darwin Yu: BECCA and SARAH 🙂

A truly talented Village… 😉


As we awaited the verdict from the Board of Judges, we delighted in the surprise performance by the


who rendered Jose Mari Chan’s ‘Merry Christmas’ song… 🙂




the Lapeña dancers!

2nd and 3rd Prizes were split among 3 contestants:

Kim Pedrosa

Michelle Sarosa

The Yu Sisters

Congratulations, too, to the other contestants who were equally wonderful:

Samonte family

Alicia Pavia

Angelo Santos


We had a special guest, in the person of Councilor Coseteng, the TOP (most no. of votes) Councilor in local Elections 2010.



Happy Fiesta, and Maligayang Pasko sa Inyong Lahat! 🙂


Photo-ops with: All contestants & winners together; XHA2 officials with Councilor Coseteng, etc.

“Got Talent’ Champs:



One Response to “Xavierville 2 Fiesta 2010”

  1. marisel Says:

    Hey! thanks for this 🙂 ang ganda naman nito, miss the ‘family atmosphere of Xavierville II on occasions like these…esp. now that you’re very active there.

    Praying for your retreat!

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