UNIV in Bacolod

Bacolod City, Philippines

Bacolod City is the capital of Negros Occidental. Having a total of 499,497 inhabitants as of August 1, 2007, it is the most populous city in the Western Visayas Region.  It is currently ranked as the 17th most populous city in the Philippines.  It is part of a metropolitan area called Metro Bacolod, which includes the cities of Silay and Talisay.  It is notable for its world famous MassKara Festival held during the 3rd week of October. Known for being a relatively friendly city, it bears the nicknames “City of Smiles” and “Football City of the Philippines”.


UNIV Orientation, 10 July 2010:

33 attendees from 5 schools! 7 paper topics generated!

This was a milestone for Kasanag Study Center! 🙂 Here’s the Program we followed:


We first introduced UNIV –an international student research congress– and its nature and aims.  We referred to the content of the official website. Then we proceeded to talk about the 2011 theme which is FREEDOM.  Then we showed them the “Conceptual Framework” for generating topic ideas… We needed about 1.5 hours to do this…

Then the 2nd part –which was the practical, ‘workshop’, portion– was when we asked the attendees to share with us the specific paper topics that occurred to them as the UNIV orientation was going on… At this point, several very interesting paper topics were suggested:

  • Nursing students: “Patients’ Rights and their upholding: How aware are Nursing Students and Medical Personnel?”
  • Engineering students: “Rights of the Unborn and life-related Legislation”
  • Sociology majors: “Notions of Freedom from the Perspective of Indigenous Peoples”
  • “Freedom and FASHION: Are modern-day fashion trends truly ‘free’?”
  • “Same-Sex ‘Marriage’: Are they ‘free’ to do this?”

Break-out session: Then we broke them up into groups so that the students who wished to join these work groups could do the following: discuss the topic, write out an OUTLINE of the paper, and write the ‘Research Question’ they would tackle… At this stage, 2 new groups were formed, with 2 additional topics:

  • “A Survey of officers of Negros Universities’ Student Governments on their Freedom Advocacies”
  • The New Government Administration of the Philippines: How Freedom-oriented is it? Issues and Proposals”

We then re-convened so that each group can read out its paper OUTLINE and Research Question. Then came the giving out of the CERTIFICATES of PARTICIPATION to all of the attendees… To wrap up, we called on everyone to COMMIT themselves to seeing their papers through to the end (i.e., submission by first week of January 2011)… 🙂

*Jeny-Rose is to upload onto the Kasanag Study Center FB group the individual certificate-handing photos.


Please visit the official UNIV Web site:



Click here for a simple GUIDE to RESEARCH:



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