Casper the Friendly Ghost

What do you do during Halloween when you’ve already gone to the Halloween Party cum Trick-or-Treat with neighborhood kids ages 3-13 the previous weekend? Well, me & my friends decided on the most restful thing to do: watch good ol’ CASPER the Friendly Ghost cartoons! Twas so fun and enjoyable! Lucky to have gotten hold of a disk full of an entire gamut of ol’ Casper cartoons, like:

–Casper and Wendy the Witch: “Which is Witch”?

–Casper on Halloween, meeting a girl friend who wasn’t afraid of him and going to a Halloween Party, only to find out that the ‘girl friend’ turns out to be a real ghost! What a lucky and joyful Casper!


CASPER the Friendly Ghost

Casper first appeared in a cartoon entitled (appropriately enough) The Friendly Ghost, based on an unpublished story written by Seymour V. Reit (who, among many other things, worked for Archie Comics and may have co-created Peter Porkchops and Peter Panda) and illustrated by animator Joe Oriolo (a protegé of Felix the Cat creator Otto Messmer, and mostly famous for TV cartoons about Felix). It’s unclear whether the idea for the story came from Reit or Oriolo. The cartoon was directed by Isadore Sparber and released by Paramount’s Famous Studios, as part of its “Noveltoons” series, in 1945. This sentimental tale of a ghost who didn’t want to scare anyone was well enough received to spark a sequel, There’s Good Boos Tonight (1948), also directed by Sparber.

This led to a full-blown series, some directed by Sparber and some by Seymour Kneitel. During the 1950s, Casper cartoons, which all had more-or-less the same plot, followed one upon another with monotonous regularity, outlasting all his Famous Studios contemporaries except Herman & Katnip. The last theatrically-released Casper cartoon was Casper’s Birthday Party, released July 31, 1959 and directed by Kneitel.

Casper was unusual among Famous Studios characters, in that he wasn’t a knock-off of something else.  Little Audrey was a transparent copy of Little Lulu; and Herman & Katnip were obviously cribbed from Tom & Jerry.  And although Baby Huey and his family eventually became better known than Chuck Jones’s version of The Three Bears, the Jones creation came first. But Casper was Casper, and not a copy of anything else. In fact, he spawned several comic-book imitators of his own, including Ajax’s Spunky the Smiling Spook, Marvel/Atlas’s Homer the Happy Ghost and Charlton’s Timmy the Timid Ghost.  ACG’s Spencer Spook was too early to be an actual knock-off, but probably owed much of his longevity in the marketplace to Casper’s popularity.

In 1949, Casper became a comic book character, when St. John Publishing secured the rights to do all of Paramount’s cartoon characters in that venue — and by the way, it was in St. John’s Casper the Friendly Ghost #1, September 1949, that Casper first received his actual name. In 1952, the license was transferred to Harvey Comics, which bought the characters outright in the late 1950s. Casper’s comics far outlasted his theatrical career — they were published regularly until 1982, and sporadically since. It was in the comics that he acquired his family, the Ghostly Trio; his ghost horse, Nightmare; and additional supporting characters such as Spooky the Tuff Little Ghost and Spooky’s girlfriend, Poil. It was also in comics that he made friends with Wendy the Good Little Witch, who later anchored her own Harvey Comics series.

(Read more here:

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As I expected, there’s a “Casper the Friendly Ghost” group in FB.

There are more than a million members!  C’mon & join

(if you’re not scared of ghosts…or if you like Casper…or both.)



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WATCH Casper the Friendly Ghost cartoons online, here:

Also, here:



Grad School Humor


What do you do when you get bored or worn out in between public defense and private (final) defense? Well, look up for the latest comics, of course!

[Credits to JORGE CHAM]

This is one of my favorites (it represents exactly what I / we typically do when I / we lose self-esteem, thinking “Will I / we ever survive this PhD?” :-/ )


Elsewhere on this blog, I’ve put some fun stuff I found on The Official PHD Comics Group in Facebook, but here are more that jibe with the cartoon above:

Reasons why getting your PhD is like “Lost”:

– You’re broke, hungry, stranded and stuck in one giant mystery

– The view never changes

– Sometimes your life depends on finding a constant

– Somehow you end up working for the guy you hate the most

– There is a crazy woman who has been here for 16 years

– If you’re in the lab long enough, taller ghost walt materializes out of nowhere and says “you’ve got work to do”

– Every problem that you solve brings up 10 new problems

– When (if) you leave, all you want to do is go back

– You’re pretty sure you’re in hell

– In both, survivors try to stay alive 😛

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Here’s another cool one:


More comics at

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Soon after I entered The Official PHD Comics Group in Facebook, a guy friended me.  He called himself “PhD Depression” (up till now I couldn’t quite make out his real identity).  But he’s so SMART! He put up his page to actually give us plenty TIPS!  I reproduce here an excerpt of his blog which has become a favorite of mine:


When starting this blog a few months ago, my goal was to alternate posts between those that document my struggle with PhD Depression and those that provide tips for surviving the PhD program.

I didn’t think it was useful to focus entirely on the negative and wanted to suggest some things that were helping me pull myself out of my all time low, which caused me to start this blog back in July.

I’ve collected the first 10 here for anyone who’s interested in getting an overview of what I said… As usual I’d love to hear feedback if this is useful or worthless or missing something that works for you.

Without further ado…

1. Write down your negative thoughts – Identify what it is that is really bothering you. It doesn’t have to just be a “dear diary” entry, I listed a few different ways to vent…

2. Workout – Get those natural endorphins going and remember that a healthy mind starts with a healthy body. If you suffer from workout motivation problems and/or time limitations like I do, I provided some tips for getting yourself to the gym…

3. Get Social – If you’re like most PhD students, your social life is probably suffering for a number of reasons. I give suggestions on little ways to improve your social life for a happier, more productive you:


Communicate electronically. Whomever thinks that e-communication is the downfall of society hasn’t been a stressed, overworked PhD student – for whom it can be a lifeline. Of course meeting in person or even talking on the phone is better than just keeping an electronic relationship with someone, but it is a great way to keep a lot of people up-to-date on your life and/or communicate quickly. Start a blog so everyone knows what’s going on, follow the blogs of others, tweet someone a quick hello, text a mass “Happy New Years” – these are not the actions that make a relationship deep or everlasting, but keeping up even small amounts of communication can keep you sane.

(To continue reading, click here:



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Butterfly Circus

The Butterfly Circus, Nick Vujicic, Hope and Film

The Butterfly Circus is a touching tale of a circus that travels across America during the Great Depression. It stars Nick Vujicic as Will—dubbed “the Limbless Man” by the cruel showman at a fairground sideshow; it is only when he joins the Butterfly Circus that he realizes his true potential.

The Butterfly Circus, directed by Joshua Weigel, recently won the $100,000 grand prize at the Doorpost Film Project. Weigel’s film was among 100 finalists, each of which was centered around the theme of hope. With its superb acting and directing—not to mention its outstanding production value and array of Depression-era props and set pieces—it is no surprise that The Butterfly Circus took the top prize.

(For full article, read here:

ButterflyCircusCrew[Photo courtesy of ‘The Butterfly Circus’ group on Facebook.]

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Watch the movie-short ‘Butterfly Circus’ here:

Part I:

Part II:

¡Bravo, Eduardo Verástegui!

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Nick Vujicic:

Su vida //  His life

Nick Vujicic

Nick Vujicic has already inspired millions of people with his accomplishments, and now he’s added acting to his resume.

Born with no arms or legs, Nick started the ministry Life Without Limbs ( Inspired by Nick, filmmaker Joshua Weigel made a touching 20-minute drama about a circus sideshow act. Nick is the star. And by the end of the movie, he is also the hero.

Last month, the film won the grand prize at the Doorpost Film Project (a short film festival) in Florida. [Last Oct. 24th, it was going to be] shown at A Night of Film. The free event is being held at Coast Hills Community Church in Aliso Viejo.

Night of Film ( was conceived as a way to give Christian filmmakers an audience, and Christian audiences an option.

“There is an audience that is going ‘Man, I wish there were something better out there, without cussing, without sex, without violence, the things that are generally resorted to,” said founder Charlie Matz. “Let’s get these two groups together: An audience that is praying for something better in cinema or television and filmmakers who are providing incredibly crafted stories that resonate with the human condition.”

Matz started a Night of Film in 2007. Last year 800 people attended. This year they are hoping for a full house. Coast Hills seats 1,300.

“This event is so much about really applauding the unsung heroes of filmmaking, and not just Christian filmmakers, but the people who make short films.”


Sin brazos ni piernas vive con un optimismo desbordante intentando contagiarlo que muchos que por casi nada se deprimen (video duración 9′ 19″)

Born without limbs (arms or legs), he exudes enormous amounts of optimism and hope.  He hopes to contaminate others with these, those others who, for just a little thing or for nothing, get depressed… (Video here: duration: 9’ 19’’)


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Eduardo Verástegui visits the imprisoned at Gatesville, Texas, along with Jason Jones, producer of “Bella, the movie” and founder of HERO (Human rights, Education and Relief Organization), for a work that they’re doing “Jose’s Second Chance”:

Says Verástegui: “Playing Jose’s role has made me realize that I, too, can change my manner of living…I have consecrated my career to playing the roles of heroes —not Batman or Superman— but real heroes… Men that are hardworking, men of faith, men who are faithful to their wives… The next scene in our lives has not yet been written; we CAN write out its script through the decisions we make…”

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Pro-Life Youth Congress


Last October 24, 2009, the


(Youth Gathering for Life)

was held at the Parks & Wildlife Auditorium, Q.C.

Details are found here:

pro-life youth congress

♦ Opening Prayer – Tony Kosca, Chairman of Pro-Life Philippines, VP and COO of Meralco Foundation; and Head, Family and Life Ministry, Diocese of Pasig.

♦ Opening Remarks – Secretary Lito Atienza, President, Pro-Life Philippines; Secretary, Department of Environment and Natural Resources, etc.


♦ Ed Sorreta, Vice President, Pro-Life Philippines; ardent Pro-Life warrior & youth speaker.


♦ JC de los Reyes, Ang Kapatiran Party, Olongapo City Councilor; Presidential Aspirant – “POPULATION CONTROL and the DEATH BILLS”.

♦ Lance Katigbak*, 16-year-old Pro-Life advocate; CFC Youth for Christ; PAREF-Southridge student – Personal battles against those who are PRO-REPRODUCTIVE HEALTH on Facebook (Lance is the creator of the “I OPPOSE THE REPRODUCTIVE HEALTH BILL” group on Facebook).

♦ Jeremiah Belgica – Chairman and Founder, Kabataang Bagong Buhay (awardee of the 2008 Ten Most Accomplished Organizations in NCR); Radio Broadcaster – “SEX AND MEDIA and the effects on people, especially the youth”.


–  equipping the youth with the capabilities to go and speak up for life.

♦ Workshop 1: “RELATIONSHIPS AND PEER COUNSELING” by Francis and Debbie Rodrigo (young married couple with 5 boys; and, leaders of CFC FFL).

♦ Workshop 2: “ADVOCACY” by the Ang Kapatiran Party.

♦ “RELATIONSHIPS workshop” – a debate of Sex and Marriage; and ADVOCACY workshop.

♦ CLOSING: The youth committing to the COVENANT OF A PRO-LIFE YOUTH and a CONCERT.

♦ The whole event was endorsed by the CBCP Episcopal Commission on Youth.

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I reproduce here excerpts from *Lance Katigbak’s blog on this Pro-Life Youth Congress experience.  Full blog found here:

A few weeks ago, I received an invitation to a pro life Youth Congress in QC. I wasn’t too keen on going at first since I had long stop debating against the infidels about the RHB, but eventually decided to go. Long story short, after emailing a couple of people, I found myself with a role–that of a sharer. I had much trouble finding transpo (I’m a southerner), but again, long story short, I made it.

I was expecting something a bit more formal (e.g. air-conditioned auditorium, ID’s, conference kits), but I was not disappointed. The park was BEAUTIFUL. So many trees, nature in abundance, heck, there was even a lake!

The event started with some audience interaction, and then, Sec. Lito Atienza spoke a lot of words (it would be a misnomer to call it a ‘few words’.) He connected being pro-environment to being pro-life with an example I will always remember: The same people who go SAVE THE SHARKS! SAVE THE ELEPHANTS! SAVE THE EAGLES! are the same who go KILL THE BABY! Wait, what? Why do we save animals but not people? Think about it.

Session 1 was on Sexuality, and I really have to hand it to Tito Ed, who did a fantastic job. He said too many things to mention, and I fear that I may not do it justice if I do… Olongapo councilor JC De Los Reyes started off Session 2 with his sharing on how he proposed marriage to his wife 10 days after meeting her, among other things. Then, it was my turn.

I won’t share all over again here. If you weren’t there, sorry. I will, however, tell you what I talked about. I talked about the history of the Facebook group I created opposing the RHB and the troubles I faced, how I had faith in the youth, and how everyone should get to experience the beauty of life.

I got the celebrity treatment after. Well, it actually started a lot earlier. When I got there, I was immediately introduced to the daughter of Sec. Atienza. Then, before my sharing, I was introduced to Sr. Pilar, the founder of Pro-Life Philippines. And then, afterward, two college girls asked to interview me for a project called UNIV, which is basically a collaborative project done by college students all over the world. Then, I was asked to be a part of YouthPinoy (, and to write an article for their website (can this be the article? Haha!). Aileen (from YouthPinoy) also invited me to their event on Dec. 19, and got my number (but I haven’t heard from her yet. 3 day rule?) After that, I was asked to help give the Advocacy workshop. A lot of other people shook my hand and thanked me too. So this is how the celebrities must feel.

There were two workshops after, one on Relationships, and one on Advocacies. I wanted to listen to the one on relationships, but since I was asked to help out with the latter, I obliged, and talked about the importance of having an advocacy, and of fighting for it.

All in all, the day was really a great one. I learned plenty of new things (even if some were just anecdotes), and these are things that will help me fight for my advocacy–the pro-life cause.

If you’re not pro-life, you must be anti-life, because if you’re not for us, then you must be against us. And if you’re anti-life, then you’re immediately a hypocrite, because you’re alive. Stop being a hypocrite. Be pro-life.

Mother Teresa once said, “If you can’t feed a hundred people, then feed just one.” If you can’t spread the pro-life cause to a hundred people, then spread it to just one.

Congratulations to the organizers!

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I’d recommend that you join the “I Oppose the Reproductive Health Bill” group in Facebook 😉

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For my other blog on the Pro-Life cause, based chiefly on Eduardo Verástegui’s wonderful movie “BELLA”, click here:

Bella the Movie

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Rest and Recreation

Rest and Relaxation // Descanso y diversión

You might wonder: “And what has UNIV got to do with ‘Rest & Recreation’?  Well, plenty, because “to rest is not to do nothing: it is to relax in activities which demand less effort” (The Way, no. 257).  And this surely makes for a perfect topic for a UNIV paper.  Te preguntarías: “¿Qué tiene que ver el UNIV con el tema del descanso y la diversión?” Pues, mucho: es un tema muy importante. Para servir bien a Dios, tenemos que estar ‘en buena forma’, y tenemos que relajar para recuperar fuerzas, pero “el descanso no es no hacer nada: es distraernos en actividades que exigen menos esfuerzo” (Camino, n. 357).

The following suggested UNIV Paper topics all come from the section “Motivaciones” of the webpage of Father Luis de Moya. // Las ideas para los temas posibles para el UNIV que vienen a continuación tienen su fuente en el apartado ‘Motivaciones’ del sitio web por don Luis de Moya.


Rest and Relaxation // Descanso y diversión

UNIV 2010 – Can Christianity Inspire a Global Culture?


1) Concepts of Rest and Recreation: Problems, Challenges and Recommendations

Los terminos ‘descanso’ y ‘diversión’: Problemas, retos y propuestas.

2) That Panacea Called ‘Sense of Humor’: A Medical, Spiritual, Psychological Solution

El sentido del humor como panacea: Una solución física, espiritual, psicológica

3) Christianizing Rest: Meaning of ‘Dies Domini’, Discussion, and Proposals

Cristianizar la relajación: El sentido completo del ‘Dies Domini’ y recomendaciones

4) There’s No Business Like Showbusiness: The Entertainment Industry and ‘True’ Wellness

El negocio llamado ‘Show Business’: La industria del entretenimiento en relación con el verdadero bienestar

5) The Benefits of a Positive Outlook: Analysis of Results of Scientific Studies

El valor de una actitud optimista: Análisis de estudios científicos

6) The True, the Good, the Beautiful, the Joyful: A Philosophical Analysis of Entertainment Media

Lo verdadero, lo bueno, lo bello…lo alegre: Análisis filosófico de los medios de entretenimiento

7) Exemplary Sportspeople: Values, Virtues and Professionalism in Sports

Deportistas ejemplares: Valores, virtudes y categoría profesional en el deporte.


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The PowerPoint file entitled “Relájate, Escucha, Admira” found in the section “Motivaciones” of the webpage of Father Luis de Moya has this to say to us who need to rest and relax  //  El archivo “Relájate, Escucha, Admira” del apartado ‘Motivaciones’ del sitio web por don Luis de Moya contiene estas recomendaciones para un mundo que está necesitado de un poco de relajación y diversión:

1. Camina de 10 a 30 mins. todos los días. Mientras camina, sonríe.

1. Walk 10-30 minutes daily.  Smile while walking.

2. Ora en intimidad con Dios por lo menos 10 mins. cada día.  Enciérrate, si es necesario.

2. Enter into intimate prayer before your God, at least 10 mins. daily.  Enclose yourself, if needed.

3. Escucha buena música todos los días.  Es auténtico alimento para el espíritu.

3. Listen to good music daily.  It is genuine nourishment for the spirit.

4. Al levantarse en la mañana, di lo siguiente: Padre Dios: Gracias por este nuevo día..

4. On waking up in the morning, say the following: ‘God: Thanks for this new day.’

5. Vive con las 3 E’s: Energía, Entusiasmo, Empatía.

5. Live with the 3 E’s: Energy, Enthusiasm, Empathy.

😉  6. Juega más juegos que el año pasado. 😉

😉 6. Play more games than you played last year.  😉


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Halloween at Xavierville Phase2

We had a great time today (24th October) at the Halloween / Trick-or-Treat Celebrations at our neighborhood organized by the Xavierville Phase2 Homeowners’ Association (XHA) Organizing Committee!


Every year the XHA would always hold this Halloween Party –especially for kids aged 3-13– but this year it was made quite special because of the extraordinarily huge number of kids that came: early estimates placed it at 140-150 kids (not including parents, guardians, or ‘adults pretending to be kids’…like myself :-/ ).


By 2pm, we already saw the kids coming in (empty lot, 20 Alvero Street) in droves…and in beautifully and amazingly crafted COSTUMES –CONGRATS, KIDS! ehem, parents pala 😉 — excited to participate and have fun.  On entering, children were treated to a magical show or to the “upper stage” for a photo shoot*.



img697-Halloween4Musical Chairs

We had GAMES and lots of fun!  We had two rounds of MUSICAL CHAIRS (the little ones couldn’t wait for their turn & were already queuing up for the 2nd round!), as well as Newspaper Dance and Stop Dance… Boy, were these kids great game-players! In between was the eating, of course.

img701-Halloween7-NewspaperNewspaper Dance: Congrats, girls!

img702-Halloween8-NewspaperLittle LUKE with elder sis, winning in Newspaper Dance, coz big sis always successfully held him up! ROAR!




(For those who have nice pictures to send/post, you may send them to me at, subject line “Xavierville Halloween”)

Needless to say, the most-awaited was the TRICK or TREAT which followed immediately afterward: packs of kids trekked, with pumpkin pails in tow, to the various households that signed up for giving away those treats (how about tricks?) much awaited by the kids!

😉  😉  😉


The XHA Organizing Committee shall distribute to the households concerned the Prizes for those who would’ve won in the Best Costume category & other awards…

I hope you all enjoyed yourselves! 🙂 Well, I did! 😉


😉  😉  😉


For the history of trick or treat and its importance in Halloween, please go here:

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Pilar and Tagaytay

Tagaytay on the Feast of Our Lady of the Pillar

Este blog está dedicado a mis amig@s del Foro de

y a todas las PILARes que celebran su santo el día 12* 😉

Pasamos el día 12 en un inmobiliario que es propiedad de una familia ―muchos son de la Obra, muy muy GENEROSOS, ¡gracias a Dios!― aquí en la Ciudad de Tagaytay (al sur de Manila, un lugar donde el aire esté muy fresco) para discutir el tema de la CORPORALIDAD y sus consecuencias para cuando caigamos enferm@s y cómo cuidar y atender mejor l@s enferm@s de la Obra, que según nos enseñó San Josemaría son <el tesoro de la Obra> 😉  Vimos primero la película WIT (actriz principal: Emma Thompson) donde actúa el papel de una profesora enferma de cáncer.  Del film hemos sacado conclusiones acerca de la condición y los sentimientos de una enferma.  También hemos sacado propósitos relacionados con la atención a las enfermas…

img683-QuintosRoyal Queensland, Tagaytay City

img684-QuintosRoyal Queensland, Tagaytay City

img685-QuintosUna pequeña ‘ermita’ a Nuestra Señora en el jardín

Perdonad que haya mucha niebla, como siempre pasa aquí, pero en el fondo se debe ver el volcán TAAL, famoso por su pequeño tamaño, pero no por su inactividad, pues ha registrado actividad sísmicas en recientes tiempos (junio a julio de este año)… Rezad que no se torne activo mientras estemos aquí :-/ Su última erupción desastrosa había sido el año 1965, cuando casi 100 personas murieron…

Se puede ver fotos del volcán TAAL aquí:

y aquí:

img686-QuintosLa casa (saqué esta foto desde la pequeña ‘ermita’)

🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂

*De repente me acuerdo de mi corta estancia ―trabajando como contable― los años 1991-92 en la OFICINA COMERCIAL DE LA EMBAJADA DE ESPAÑA en SINGAPUR 🙂  ¿y por qué me acuerdo de repente? Pues ese año 1992 (¡qué vieja soy!) celebramos el quintocentenario del descrubrimiento de las Américas 🙂 En todas las Embajadas de los países de habla hispana en Singapur se organizó una Cena de Gala para el día 12 de octubre de 1992 en un Hotel de 5 estrellas, para allí proyectar y desplegar todo lo español: danzas ―me acuerdo bien de ese baile de las Sevillanas por dos españolas―, música y canciones… También algunos profesores del oriente y del oeste dictaban conferencias en NUS [la Universidad Estatal de Singapur] sobre la historia de esas aventuras y descubrimientos, la historia de las relaciones entre España y Singapur, las caractéristicas del comercio entre los países…


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Embassy of Spain


7 Temasek Boulevard
#39-00 Suntec Tower One
Singapore 038987
Telephone : 67259220
Fax : 63333025
E-mail : //

This e-mail address is being protected from spam bots, you need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Office Hours : Mon – Thurs
9.00 am – 5.00 pm
Friday : 9.00 am – 2.30 pm

Consular (open to public)
Mon – Fri
9.30 am – 1.30 pm
National Day : 12 October

Spain Tourism Board
541 Orchard Road
#09-04 Liat Towers, Singapore 238881
Telephone : 67373008
Fax : 67373173
Website :
Office Hours : Mon – Fri
9.00 am – 5.00 pm

Commercial Office
7 Temasek Boulevard
#19-03 Suntec Tower One
Singapore 038987
Telephone : 67329788
Fax : 67329780
E-mail : //

This e-mail address is being protected from spam bots, you need JavaScript enabled to view it

Office Hours : Mon – Fri
9.00 am – 5.00 pm

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St Josemaria and Our Lady of the Pillar: