SAINT PIUS X  //  San Pío X:

Las oraciones de la Misa de hoy, 21 de agosto, Fiesta de San Pío X, terminan así: “Al celebrar la memoria del Papa San Pío X, te pedimos, Señor Dios nuestro, que por la eficacia de esta Eucaristía seamos fuertes en la fe ―FORTES IN FIDE― y vivamos unidos en tu amor.”

St Pius X (Giuseppe Melchiorre Sarto) was outstanding for his continuous service to the Church and to souls, first as Priest, then as the Patriarch of Venice, and finally as the Roman Pontiff.  His love for God led him to dedicate all of his efforts while in the Roman See to INSTAURARE OMNIA IN CHRISTO (Eph. 1: 10), to restoring all things in Christ (Opening Prayer, Mass of St Pius X).  He was a pastoral pope, encouraging personal piety and a lifestyle reflecting Christian values.  Pius strongly opposed modernism which, like all other ‘’ism’s”, was the exaggerated invitation of modern currents to infiltrate Christian beliefs and mores; but he combined this defense of faith with an extraordinary charity (which I guess is ultimately the true import of the sage advice: Fortiter in Re, Suaviter in Modo).  He advised all to receive Holy Communion frequently, and to Pius X we owe the famed “Catechism of Pius X”, born out of his interest in profound catechismal instruction which found its way in the Encyclical “Acerbo nimis” (

En esta fecha también los filipinos rememoramos la muerte, hace 26 años, de nuestro héroe NINOY AQUINO.  Hay una misteriosa coincidencia en que, precisamente cuando nos acordamos de la fortaleza cristiana de que habla el Papa Pío X, oímos esta descripción de la valentía llena de fe ―en fin, llena de amor cristiano― de Ninoy, que su misma esposa, la venerada CORY AQUINO, nos había dado en aquel discurso al UNIV en Roma en 1993: “Prayer might have revealed these truths to him about the futility of building a fortress out of sand or erecting a perdurable power from achievements of the moment. But these truths were not revealed to him until he had lost everything, and the four blank walls of his cell were all he had left to look at.  So when prayer came, it was not to teach him humility.  Adversity had already imparted that… Just when he had lost everything, he told me, he found it all.  Prayer gave it to him… He never complained about the sacrifices he was making. For just when he thought that he must be the sorriest of men, prayer showed him that he was imitating the greatest of them.” Una valentía cristiana nos hace fuerte ante la adversidad y humilde a la vez, al pensar que Cristo, siendo Dios, se despojó de esa divinidad, muriendo a sí mismo por la voluntad de Dios Padre.

Let us ask St Pius X, whom God filled with heavenly wisdom and apostolic courage, to make us FORTES IN FIDE, strong in the faith.  Y mientras rezamos por el alma de nuestro queridísimo NINOY, vamos a pedirle que, en la promoción y defensa de la democracia en esta bendita patria, interceda por nosotros delante del Señor para que nos conceda esa fortaleza cristiana como la suya…


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